All sizes from foal and pony to larger horse.  There are turnouts, coolers, blanket liners and a large selection of fly sheets too.  The list below is a partial list.  In addition, we have had LOTS of blankets and sheets brought in in the last few days - too many to list!!  BE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR HORSE BEFORE YOU COME TO BUY :)

Adjustable size new foal turnout blanket

62” (approx) Curvon Irish knit cooler

63” New Weatherbeeta Stretch Fly Sheet with bellyband

63” Near new navy and pink fleece cooler

66” New Rambo wug blanket liner (fits large) 200g fill

66” New Rambo Supreme green fleece cooler

69” New Rambo green  jersey cotton cooler (fits large)

69” New Weatherbeeta turnout sheet 

69” Kool Coat cotton summer turnout sheet

70” New Tuffrider 1200D Stretch Manager turnout sheet

72” New Tuffrider 1200D Stretch Manager turnout sheet

72” Romfh maroon turnout sheet

72” New yellow and navy summer sheet

72” Saratoga fly sheet (good condition)

72” Weatherbeeta fly sheet

75” Weatherbeeta light nylon lime fleece sheet

76” New Adjustafit blanket liner

76” SS tack green techno fleece blanket

76” New McAlister fly sheet

Plus more not yet itemized!!

Of note: New 72” Back on Track therapeutic blanket ($260)

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